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Have you ever woken up from sleep and questioned what is my calling? Why am I here? And what is the purpose of this life? Well, don’t worry you are not alone. I think many of us on the path of finding our own destiny or on Spiritual path, have this ongoing dilemma within us. The world wants us to run crazily after something which will not bring inner happiness. However, the moment we allow ourselves to connect within and become the instruments in the Divine hands, he works through all of us. Some call this blind faith but I call it the conviction and trust. Trusting that everything is possible and nothing is impossible to achieve. There is a strong vision that all of us have, that imagination cannot hold and only our inner voice can answer that. To have this conviction, we must quiet the chatter mind and go within for the answer. It may sound so hard to sit silent however the answers for all our mundane life is within us. This is the reason many greatest Yogis have said that silent sitting with meditation is the tool for all the answers.

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            Life is full of lessons and we should not get dejected by failures and loose hope. We should climb back up and live life to the fullest. The best opportunity is to learn from all failures in life, every failure will teach us to be better. The biggest life lessons are not losing faith in oneself. I have been a victim of this and it was very difficult to get out of the depression mode. I lost hope and thought that I will be in depression lifelong. Then one day, I decided to paint my own picture of life and decided to get right back up. If God has put me in the path of failure, that means he wanted me to learn from the Image result for your callingproblems. I decided I will learn from the mistakes and see how I can change my thought process. The only way I regained my strength was to make the negative outcome into positivity.  Remember, when you walk closer and closer facing the life’s challenges, that’s when you are nearing the burning sun with courage. This does not mean that only through challenges can you face happiness however, when I feel when there is a hurdle to jump it’s like passing an examination from Almighty. He gives the examination to see where we are in the process of our life. The omnipresent God will not leave his devotees hanging at the edge. He wants all of us to climb back up and face life with courage.

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When we realize that everything is a blessing, then we will start to see a change of shift in our thought process. When one door closes, we must learn to believe that there is a new opportunity that will knock our door. We must understand to learn from the mistakes and be positive. This life is not about going into a closed shell, it is all about flying like a butterfly with flying colors.

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