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Inspirational Quote 12


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Almost everyone face fear in life. The reason for this is our mind plays with our feelings and we let the mind to overrule and take decisions. When we stop at this; we indeed are the runners of life.

If we let our heart to speak from within, we can face everything and rise. The problem is we are skeptical of our own decisions. I started blogging many years ago, and I knew it was my passion to write and speak from my heart. However, every time I started blogging there was a feeling of fear within me. The fear was of how, I will be accepted. This thought was the block that was causing me to not write clearly. When I started to write with my heart and allow my thoughts to connect with the readers, I was feeling more comfortable and felt happy. I was also able to touch another through my writing.

Therefore, never let fear to be a block for anything good that you want to do in this world; rather, face it with confidence and rise.

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