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Prayer Poem to Jesus…

Lord Jesus, May my life be a little light, To light someone’s darkest night; May my life be a sweet sweet song, Bearing sorrows, helping others along; May my life be rich in Your words, As fragrant incense wherever heard; May my life be truly an echo, Of the Christ I love, The Master I… Continue reading Prayer Poem to Jesus…

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Live Your Calling

  Have you ever woken up from sleep and questioned what is my calling? Why am I here? And what is the purpose of this life? Well, don’t worry you are not alone. I think many of us on the path of finding our own destiny or on Spiritual path, have this ongoing dilemma within… Continue reading Live Your Calling


Shall we Pray for others life?

                                                SHELL WE PRAY FOR OTHERS LIFE? O, God! Please.Tell me proper, for whom I shall to pray And for whom Not? As I don’t know about whole World, My prayers are… Continue reading Shall we Pray for others life?



MITHYA – NITHYA.* This world is not complete illusion, But temporary fixed. Ever changing in time and space existence Divided and then united and mixed. The past became Illusion , Because it came to end, to the conclusion. In Universe something had vanished, Another is coming for existence. And Life to the destructive forces has… Continue reading World


The Star Fell In To my hand

Dear Blog Readers: I will be publishing series of poems from my dear friend from Russia. She is currently residing in India. She writes beautiful poems and has published many spiritual books. I told her along with me, many should benefit from reading her lovely poems. Therefore, with her permission I am publishing the first… Continue reading The Star Fell In To my hand

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Women Love…

This blog is dedicated to all my lovely sisters all over the world. Today being the “International Women’s Day” I truly wanted to write an inspirational blog about embracing womanhood and to remember all women who played an important role in history of mankind. We are first the daughters of this mother earth, when we… Continue reading Women Love…

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Inspirational Quote 13

When I reflect on this quote, it inspires me a lot. As we walk this life, we go through many experiences and challenges. We are uncertain of how or where our life will lead us. Every stepping stone in our life should teach us to be strong and brave. Yet, human mind will always contemplate… Continue reading Inspirational Quote 13