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The Importance of Integrated Holistic Medicine

                                              “Conversations with Dr. Rajshree Gaitonde- Series 1”

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 I am very much delighted and privileged to know Dr. Rajshree Gaitonde, whom I dearly call as my Aunt, to explain about the importance of Holistic Medicine to readers of Illumined blog. She graciously accepted to give her insights on a series of topics regarding Holistic Medicine in coming months under the category of Health and wellness on Illumined Blog.

Dr. Rajshree Gaitonde M.D, J.D, M.H.S

Introduction to Dr. Rajshree Gaitonde

Aunt’s journey towards the Integrated Holistic Medicine began in medical school. This comes to her from her lifelong habit to synthesize and to bring apparent separate concepts into a single dynamic holistic approach. Throughout her training, she sought various ways to integrate the physical, social, psychological and spiritual approach to problems/challenges in life. After finishing her training, she embarked on an exciting career with the California Department of Corrections in Folsom, California. At Folsom prison, she learned a lot through her inmate-patients about different aspects of life. During this time, she completed her Master’s Degree in Health Services, Public Health, specializing in primary health care and a Law Degree.

She got an invitation to attend a conference that was called “The song of a Spirit,” and she met many spiritual and mental health professionals, and they spoke a language that she resonated well comfortably. Shortly later, she was invited for a conference in Integrated Holistic Medicine held in San Diego, CA. At that Conference, she felt that she has arrived home because she resonated completely with the message that was given. Then this became her passion and her dream to spread the message of Holistic Medicine. When having conversations with her, I truly learned a lot and am delighted to share this message that I learned from her, with all the Illumined blog readers.

Why is Integrated Holistic Medicine important?

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We live in a magical universe surrounded by many forces both positive and negative.  We see in this universe death, creation and destruction. However, Divine Power is everywhere, and when we are in tune with the Universe, it leads us to peace and harmony.  Similarly, evil forces may lead humankind into darkness and ignorance.  There is a beautiful Sanskrit mantra which illustrates the above-mentioned fact and gives a deep insight.

Sanskrit Mantra:

asato mā sad gamaya,

tamaso mā jyotir gamaya,

mtyor māmta gamaya

  -Taken from Brhadaranyaka Upanishad — I.III.28.


Lead me from falsehood to truth,

Lead me from darkness to light,

Lead me from death to the immortality

These three statements are referred to as the three Pavamana Mantras.

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In this duality of creation, we struggle to find the purpose and meaning of life. “Bend the body; mend the senses; and end the mind” is an important quote from Sri Sathya Sai Baba, is the core principle of integrated holistic medicine. This is also a new emerging field in medicine. This is based on aligning the body, mind and heart in service of our soul and its design.

Joy is the most natural condition of life, and many of us have lost it for so many different reasons. What are the few enemies of joy? They are physical disease, physical imbalance, and physical toxicities. We eat the wrong kind of food, and we fail to exercise, and this leads to all kinds of oxidative stresses, which results in toxins to accumulate and results in imbalance and disease in the body.


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Due to over eating and not taking care of the body, people often get into depression which leads them to loss of joy. Integrated Holistic Medicine is the science of connection and living. It embraces eastern spiritual wisdom, complimentary alternative medicine like Ayurveda, homeopathy, meditation, yoga, light therapy, magnetic therapy and traditional western medicine.

There is a shift in consciousness levels of people, and people are tuning into holistic medicine. Holistic Medicine also focus on psychology based on the premises that unless one understands concepts that one cannot evolve.

Human being is a divine being having a human experience. When we understand and investigate all of the sheaths, we will begin to embrace our human body (temple).

What are the Sheaths?

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  1. Physical Sheaths – Annamaya Kosa
  2. Physiological Sheaths- Pranamaya Kosa
  3. Mental Sheaths – Mana Maya Kosa
  4. Intellectual Sheaths- Pragnanamaya Kosa
  5. Spritual Sheaths – Anandamaya Kosa



Only by keeping these 5 sheaths pure can one heal. And this is the path to freedom, balance and harmony. Essential philosophy integrated holistic medicine is that:

  1. Health is more than the absence of disease.
  2. Food is information.
  3. Thought translates to biology.
  4. Prevention is the best intervention.
  5. Healing is different from curing.
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One must understand the meaning of “pain” in holistic medicine and conventional medicine. Pain in holistic medicine is a teacher that makes one question and go within. Pain in the conventional medicine is both the physician and the patient want to get rid of. Definition of optimal health is the primary goal of Integrated Holistic Medicine. It is the conscious pursuit of the highest level of functioning and balance of the physical, environmental, mental, physiological, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of human experience resulting in a dynamic state of being fully alive.

  1. Social level – intimacy with the other
  2. Physical level – high energy and vitality
  3.  Mental level – peace of mind
  4. Emotional level – high self-esteem
  5. Spiritual level – deep connection with Almighty (Source)

Other definition of the optimal health is the unlimited unimpeded free flow of life energy through the body and mind.  This life energy is called the chi, Tao and prana.

Hope all of you enjoyed this blog. Please share your comments.

Love & Light…














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