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Happiness is within You

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We are often made to take decisions in our life, which can change our entire destiny. At times, we are caught between cross roads, not knowing which way one should travel. However, our inner intuition will guide us when we are caught between these cross roads. I

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was in similar situation which turned my journey inward with positive attitude. I am glad that I got an opportunity to face challenges that really changed my life. If one does not pay heed to the emotions that flare up, then it will become easy to lead a successful life.

            When life knocks you down, agitation is the main cause for depression. It is at this

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moment one should think of positive situations, that could change the way one thinks. At an early point in my life, I realized that we are not the doer. Everything happens for our own good and we should make effort to be at peace with life circumstances. Of course things will appear like the whole world is ending. However, when we realize that by making use of the negative situation into positive, everything will manifest for our highest good.

            The biggest dilemma to all the life challenges is comparison. Think about it? How many times have you compared yourself with another? Were you happy by doing that?  We

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should compare ourselves to become better but not get depressed over it. For this, have positive affirmations every morning. Think that, we are made the way we are to serve for our highest good. When you love yourself, you will love the entire creation and manifestations of the divine. It is magnificent to live life and enjoy. After all, the creator created the best creation which is human being.

 Energy levels of each one of us in the world is at peak and vibrating higher. It will bring down a person if we are not in tune with our selves. For this, one should find a suitable

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way to heal and embrace the energy flow. I found blogging to heal my thought process, likewise got many wonderful friends who resonate and inspire me to write more. Blogging has really helped me to think through all my thought process. In a way, it has healed myself and many others.  There are many ways one could heal and think through their thought process. Find what is right for you and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Many times, we push something that really universe wants us to try. However, we go after something that will not serve our higher purpose. When we relax our mind, energy flows

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and the white radiant light will illuminate our thought. Trust in the divine and let your imagination flow through you.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Yours Truly ….

                                                                                                     Pavithrah . T


5 thoughts on “Happiness is within You

  1. Great post, very inspiring! you are so right when you talk about our very bad habit to comparing ourselves to others.. That’s why I am currently on a Facebook Detox for 2 weeks, I noticed it brought me those bad vibes you talked about. I noticed I became too comparative, and we know how bad that is. I was too focused on the others and not enough on me and my journey… Back to basics, and it feels really good 🙂 Have a lovely week!


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