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Cosmetic Product Review- 1

1234567Product Review  from Makeover Essentials.

Do you want to look the best for and feel good? Then you will love the products from Makeover Essentials. They are selling bundle of cosmetic products in a pack for $20. I have never purchased any cosmetic products that have wonderful packaging as this one. My skin is very sensitive and I love this product because these products don’t give any skin breakouts or reactions. It is worth purchasing these products, if you want to give it a try.

The Kit Includes:

Makeup Remover Cleansing clothes:

  • It is gentle and soft for soothing soft skin. It is infused with Aloe Vera extract for moisturizing skin. You would love the freshness and scent these cleansing clothes are infused with.

3D Mascara Duo with natural fibers

  • This product comes with regular mascara and a lash gel.
  • It is easy to distinguish the product because product has two sides; white is the gel side and black is mascara side.

Book of color – Black Pouch

  • This product comes with beautiful leather black pouch which looks very stylish.
  • 8 eye shadow colors, which is very effective to wear during winter and summer months.
  • 1 – bronzer and 1 – highlighter to give natural toned effect to your face.
  • 2 blush tones to give the finished look.
  • 2 applicators
  • 1 lip gloss – pink color

Make up tips Booklet

  • It also comes with a make-up tips booklet which outlines in detail how to apply flawless makeup on your face.

For the reasonable prize, this product bundle is worth to buy and I highly encourage the blog readers to visit their site for more products.







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