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“I AM”-Presence

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This galaxy was created with love for the purpose of understanding our true nature. However, with day to day busy life we are unsure of how to tap into the infinite possibilities that the Universe has for all of creation. In the path of ascension, many find that the chatter mind is the cause for state of anxiety and depression. Due to the mind many people have subjective awareness where, human being is in a dream state. Mind is the cause for many desires and attachments in life.  The path of spiritual awareness is not that easy  when desires are at peak. However, the self-inquiry into letting the Universe know that, “I am ready” will make it easier.

“I AM” presence is knowing that; you are one with the absolute consciousness. This
is the reason many seek the guidance of a Guru. Guru, is a person who is self-realized or an incarnation, knowing his/her purpose in the planet. My Guru once told that, the path of spirituality is not easy, there are snakes and dangerous animals on the way. What are

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these dangerous animals? One may ask. They are the vices, that lead mankind into the state of maya or misery. The vices are, kama (lust), krodha (rage), lobha( greed), moha (attachment), matsarya (jealousy) and ahankara (conceit). When the veil of these vices are lifted then, one is able to connect properly with the self, where the consciousness resides.  One might fall into the pitfall, if there is no proper guidance. With the guidance of the Guru it is easier to cross the bhavasagar (the ocean of worldly existence).

As the planet is twinning its process from 3rd dimension consciousness to 5th dimension consciousness, people are also vigorously feeling the effect in their spiritual evolution. Many are finding ways to connect within themselves and to understand the purpose of life. If you look closely at the affairs and the surroundings in the world, it is a clear evident that consciousness levels are shifting tremendously. People are more in tune with nature. Some are wanting to be in a serene environment for peace of mind. Daily jobs that many work between 8-5PM are becoming more intense for the body. Political and administrative environments are in chaos that; many are wanting to have a quiet place where the energy

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is at soothing levels. However, some still choose to live in the 3rd dimension consciousness, which is acceptable. People who are vibrating at the 5th dimension are the ones who are also light workers, carrying forward the message of “I AM” presence to the world at large.

One must continue to self- inquire and shine the light within. The light is very powerful when in silence. The message of the divine is heard clearly when a person inquires with deep yearning to know the absolute truth.



Yours Truly …

Pavithrah. T


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