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The 4 Self’s; the positive way!


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Have you ever felt stagnated in life and felt like giving up? Do you find yourself not able to move forward with anything because you lacked courage and motivation? Well my friends, you are not alone, couple of years I felt the same way. I needed to constantly remind myself of the light within myself to motivate and give me the courage. I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life and I lacked courage to move forward. Anything that I started lacked determination and strength. I slowly started to understand that, nothing was wrong with my desires and dreams but everything had to do with my will power/ self. When I lacked the will power and the motivation I felt stagnated. So how does one move forward in life with courage and strength?

  1. Self- Confidence:

Image result for self confidenceSelf-confidence is the key to all problems in life. When one lacks self-confidence he/she is unable to face life with courage. Most of the dilemma is comparing our life with others or trying to knock on the same door which is closed multiple times. When comparing our lives with others we not only sabotage our health but we neglect to see the positive attributes that life offers. So how does one gain self- confidence? It is when we love ourselves for who we are. We should welcome life as a blessing and give gratitude to everything that we have. Remember, everyone is born unique and we are all born with individual talents. So much of what happens in our life is completely beyond our control however, we can choose to love ourselves and appreciate what we have by not comparing to one another. Self-confidence spiritually, is knowing oneself as the divine and accepting everything in life with that awareness.

  1. Self- Satisfaction:
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Self- satisfaction is being satisfied and content with everything life brings. One becomes desire less with wanting more in life and accepting everything as a blessing even during a turmoil. This sort of understanding will only manifest when one is fully surrendered to the Divine will. Being satisfied with one self is knowing that everything happens for our own good. This will then lead one to completely become desire less. 

  1. Self- Sacrifice:

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Self- Sacrifice is getting rid of the desires and ego completely and becoming one with the self. Knowing that all is in good hands and everything will manifest in right time. Once we let go of the ego and the desires, we become complete.

  1. Self – Realization:
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Self- Realization is constantly experiencing the infinite light within guiding. It is difficult to undergo severe pain and challenges in life however, when we understand that everything happens for a reason then we become aware of the light within guiding. This is self- realization, which is being detached from the world and becoming attached to the self.

Once we are aware of the 4 Self’s then we are on the positive path to attain what we are born in this world for. Remember to smile often and accept life’s journey with an I can do it attitude.

Love & Light


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2 thoughts on “The 4 Self’s; the positive way!

  1. I realized that the last few years of my life were taken over by succumbing to insecurities that were a result of my lack of self confidence that I was deserving of better. Be it my profession, friendships, relationships. I have settled over and over again, because I wasn’t confident enough to seek out what I really wanted and at times I didn’t believe I deserved better. It creates a lot of deep seated unhappiness. Slowly I am facing the reality and trying to break away from that low esteem. This post really breaks it down

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    1. I am happy that this post was really helpful to you. Everyone in this world is trying to seek one thing or the other, true happiness is within and that is only realized through understanding the inner-self. Once that is attained self-confidence will come naturally. Looking forward to engaging with you more often. 😊


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