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Meditation is a tool to keep one’s mind calm and focused. Therefore, question might arise as to how should one meditate. There are no specific techniques, however people who are on this path suggest that one should do “pranayama” before meditation. “Pranayama” is a simple way to control one’s breath by inhaling through one nose and exhaling through the other nose. People do this method for five times before tuning into meditation. Another way of meditation suggested by Bagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is called the light meditation. In this process one will visualize a light (Joythi) between the third eye and meditate on the joythi encompassing the entire body. What are the benefits of meditation? In this blog I will relate the benefits that I have gained / encountered through meditation. Definitely, it does rejuvenate one’s body, mind and soul. When I was very young I hated the process or even the thought of meditation. Now that, I have heard and experienced it, I am sad that I did not start this process when I was young. Studies and research have showed that, when one start to meditate young they are better focused on studies and are able to make better choices in life. Research have also stated that, brain cells altar when one meditates. Therefore, now a day’s many schools across North America have introduced meditation as part of physical activities. In my personal life, I did not get too much into learning about meditation till 2010. I was living with my husband in a small remote town called Ukiah in California. We were living in that town because my husband was posted there on job assignment. The town itself is more into natural life/ wilderness surrounding. Therefore, one will zone into spiritual way of living when the environment is giving its full potential, to elevate ones own spiritual growth. I also believed that the Almighty and the Angeles were guiding me to go deep within through meditation.
The reason for this is, up until 2010, I was very much attached to the physical presence of my loving Guru Begawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. When he attained Samadhi in 2011, the only way to reach him was through meditation by seeking within. Swami, knew that his child will be lost in the wilderness if she was not taught the practice of meditation. I am sure it was him, who initiated me into the practice of understanding meditation. Through meditation one is able to open all the chakras in the body. What are those chakras that people often talk about? There are seven chakras in the body, they are base chakra (muladhar), sacral chakra (Svatishtan), solar-plexus chakra ( manipura), Heart chakra (Anahat), throat chakra (Vishuddha), Brow chakra ( Anjana) and crown chakra ( Sahasra). These seven chakras are very important, when one opens all these seven chakras in the body it illumines one to self-realization. However, if there are any blockages in the chakras through the guide of a spiritually elevated being (Guru), one can open the chakras by shaktipad. 


                                                                                                                          Yours Truly….

                                                                                                                               Pavithrah . T

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