Shall we Pray for others life?

                                                SHELL WE PRAY FOR OTHERS LIFE?
Image result for pray handsO, God!
Please.Tell me proper, for whom I shall to pray
And for whom Not?
As I don’t know about whole World,
My prayers are for few.
About whose problem I personally Knew.

Is it proper in my way
To Pray for their lives these days ?
What about those, many, to me unknown?
Suffer somewhere in their home.?
Yes, it is kind and right.
You do Your helping work.
There ( far) someone else also at work.
You from you heart make your request.
For results will care God.
He knows events in all the world;
Listen all prayers, please and hold.
Supreme God alone know what is best.
You, request.
God will do the best!.

Irina Amma Sai Phattar . 24.03.17


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