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This blog is dedicated to all my lovely sisters all over the world. Today being the “International Women’s Day” I truly wanted to write an inspirational blog about embracing womanhood and to remember all women who played an important role in history of mankind.

We are first the daughters of this mother earth, when we embrace ourselves and love deeply we heal our own wound. As we learn to heal ourselves we remember to unite and become the warrior princesses of the new age. The divine power is within all of us and we

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are all sisters connected to mother earth and; we are born in this world to know the ultimate truth which is, we are divine and sacred.  Therefore, to unleash the power one must first understand our own inner self.

Every Women once she realizes her infinite potential she becomes one with herself. Once we become one without selves we can love all with purity and dedicate all the work in oneness. I am really inspired by so many Women who became the best leaders just by their connection with themselves. We all have that power to know and be open to receiving the sacred knowledge and wisdom of our own power.Image result for women empowerment quotes

For this purpose, as global sisterhood we should not hate one another but love all and serve the planet in unity consciousness. On this special day, I would really like to remember leaders like Mother Teresa who taught us to love all with pure heart, Malala Yousafzai who stood up for educational rights for young people, Oprah Winfrey who was the first women to own her talk show and becoming an influential leader focusing on issues related to American Women and Princess Diana who was known for her humanitarian work. There are many others who have been great leaders in the world and many will become as well.

When you have the power within to become who you are, embrace your womanhood and

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“be the change you want to see in the world” quote Mahatma Ghandhi . In honor of all women, I would like to start an “Illumined Sisterhood Facebook page” where all women bloggers can share inspirational and motivational stories and empower one and another. If you are interested, please message in this blog and directly follow the “Illumined Sisterhood Page.”

Much Love …



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