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Realistic approach to having Motivation and being grateful.

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Many of us try to stay motivated. The truth is it’s not always easy to stay motivated. Especially during this pandemic, trying to be motivated and not be fearful of what might happen the next day is not easy. This is because we train our mind to think that we are unable to do the particular task. Nothing is impossible to do if we train our mind correctly. Currently, many private industries are going out of business and the unemployment rate is increasing in the world. With all these uncertainties happening all around the world, people are becoming more negative. How does one manage to stay positive and have the mindset of gratitude? Let’s be real no matter what tough lessons life throws at one. It takes efforts from within to maintain a positive outlook and keep the confidence level high.

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I personally always look for inspirations which guide me to be motivated. Inspirations could come from within, come from quotes or even from a friend. Gratefulness comes from having gratitude to the Universe. Look around you. If You have a shelter, especially during this time of need, food, all of the facilities including medical and family and friends to cuddle with, you are at a far better state than some in this world. This is indeed a message from the Universe saying, “I love you.” There are so many people who do not have this opportunity at all. Yet, human mind often runs towards what we do not have instead of being grateful. There is a reason for everything that happens. Though so many of us around the globe are going through this unexpected circumstances, we have to embrace the change and count our blessings. It is difficult to train our mind to think in this capacity but with continuous practice, one can achieve the status of being content and grateful.

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So, how can you motivate yourself?

1)Push yourself to be the better version of yourself- Your limitation is only your imagination. What you think you can’t do, is your mind. Human being is capable of achieving greater and bigger things.

2)If you have to do something right away, don’t say you will do it later. Sometimes, that later will never become a reality, and therefore, do it immediately.

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3) Believe in yourself and dream bigger. The whole point of something becoming a reality is by first dreaming and living that to become a reality. Act as though you have already achieved your dream and walk with that confidence. When we put the 100% effort and energy in things we desire, they are bound to happen. Do not limit your potential. Always dream big and make it a reality. For this, motivation is very important.

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