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Desires vs Passion

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  Desires are created out of having passion for something. As a child the minute after we cry for food we are fed. Likewise, we develop this nature towards desire like a mad monkey. We think success is determined when the desire is fulfilled and we do not know that chasing a desire can bring a negative outcome. Often we are told it is good to have a desire however there should be clear distinction between a desire and passion.

Desire is wanting something whereas passion is doing something out of love with genuine heart. One might desire to become a multimillionaire however if he is not passionate about finding steps to manifest that desire, he/she will not be successful in it.

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This is the reason one should not chase a desire however should manifest it via passion. People can argue and contemplate on both desire and passion to mean same. However, I feel that the approach one takes towards it makes a clear distinction.

One may feel in life when one has a desire he/she may be able to focus and move towards that desire. As pointed out earlier, even to manifest that desire, fire is needed in the heart. Simply having a desire will not solve problems.

How to achieve the desire?

  • One pointed attention.
  • Passion in achieving the desire ex: Goal setting.
  • Writing notes and contemplating on manifesting that desire.
  • Believing in yourself that it is possible to achieving the wanted desire.
  • Letting go and telling the Universe to manifest the outcome.
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I feel that, often we run like mad monkeys for anything in life. The reason why I say mad monkeys is because due to the modern day advancements, human life has become a timed rollercoaster ride. When others have it we think we also should manifest the same. However, Universe might have a different approach in manifesting the results for each and every human being. I firmly believe that nothing is impossible to achieve in this world if our mind set is correct and for that, one should have the passion more than desire.

                                                                                                                                           Yours Truly…

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