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Wize – App Review 2

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I’ve been writing reviews of the product “Wize-app” and have had many wonderful experiences with it. I thought of blogging a review, based on my teaching experience using “Wize – app.” The purpose of this app is for students, to tune in to any of the exciting classes that are being offered and learn from the teachers. As mentioned in my previous review, if you use an I-phone, you can download this app using your apple store.  There are numerous classes offered in this app, some of the classes are taught under these categories:

  • Photography
  • Cooking
  • Beauty
  • Health
  • Personality Development
  • Music, etc…
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        As a user of this app, I decided to teach courses related to “personal development.” I am an avid reader and in my Toastmasters’ speeches, I talk of the important elements of improving our personal development. Where ever we go in this world, our personality and the way one presents themselves matters. Personal development is not taught during our University training. When one graduates and faces the reality of a job world, one will encounter so many trials in-terms of dealing with personal development. As a person who has had numerous challenges in the legal / professional field, I had to venture into reading books/ give talks on this important subject matter. Personality development comes from experiences that we face in life and not something that we can learn during our academic training at Universities. Thus, I started my first class on Wize- app on “Boosting Self – Confidence.” I must admit, it was an incredible experience.

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  I quickly realized that, so many students can benefit from this app in various subject matter. Everyone is constantly learning and education is very essential in this fast-moving world. When the tutor is available via phone, students benefit from this learning method. How beneficial is it to learn from your own phone using an app? That’s how incredible technology has become. I am sure this app will become one of the bestselling product in the technology field. Tune into my 2nd class on “Boosting Self- confidence” on Friday August 25th, 2017 at 7:30 PM PST.

You can view the lessons on these links:

  1. Link to my class on “Self – Confidence” –
  2. Good Photography lessons –
  3. Good  music lessons –

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