How to turn failures into lessons.

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Everyone goes through this phase in life. Taking failures in life is very hard. Most of us get dejected and sometimes don’t get motivated at all. The real test is to turn failures into lessons. This is the hardest part for one to cope with. To be honest, failures do make one person get into a depressive state. I had a very good friend and a mentor who once told me that “Failures are pillars of success.” We should make every failure become a driving force to achieve our goals. In my life, I have always turned every failure into an opportunity. Many amazing opportunities have blossomed due to that. Ever since I moved to live with my husband, I was not very fortunate in getting an employment. At that time I used to think how I can make use of my time

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wisely. That’s when I took up blogging, I recall now that everything that I have done with my blogging channel had helped not only me but also my readers. When I read my reviews and how my readers respond to some of the blog posts, I get inspired. This journey has really helped me evaluate myself within and help me come out of the depressive moods. This is the reason I feel that, turning failures into lessons and learning from them helps one become better.

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“Even if you fall, believe that you will rise again just like the sun..”

So how can one turn failures into lessons?

  1. Don’t stress over anything, if one door closes another door definitely opens.
  2. Don’t ever blame another for any mistakes. The reason is, what ever mistakes you make is a lesson for yourself.
  3. Always think of ways to improve your self from the situation. If you have failed in something, see how you can better yourself by that opportunity.
  4. If needed ask for help to better your self.
  5. Be careful in your thoughts, don’t ever demote yourself by saying that you are not worthy of anything. Always be positive and think of ways how you will be successful of the situation. That way you will end up doing better.

Lots of Love & Light…


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