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“You are not alone”, everyone in this world some way or the other has many thoughts running in their heads. I wish someone actually sat down with me right now and told me this! But I am really happy that I am able to write to you all via my blog, about the way how I feel and express my thoughts in a creative manner. Having thoughts is really good because at times it encourages a person to take steps ahead in life. I personally always have conversation with myself, it really helps me to get answers from within. What is this journey within that people often talk about? And how do I really know that it is my higher self-talking to me? It is quite frustrating when you don’t really know any answers, but in realistic approach it is to simply let things happen as it is.  Journey within is to know yourself better by letting e

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verything go and trusting that everything will happen according to divine time. There is nothing impossible to understand in this illusionary world why, because often what you think manifest in the bubble world. So, have always positive thoughts and make sure the level of your thoughts are you’re your highest good.

Have you ever encountered a situation where, you think you deserve that better and you see someone else having that life?  I am with you in this, I am sure every girl or a boy in childhood must have had dreams and aspiration. If you did not, not sure what is wrong with you. In reality, in order to manifest that dream one must dwell on it. If it does not happen, then one must think, it is for our higher good. Well, I came to know of this much later.

I grew up like every little girl having ambition and dreams well, the so called “American Dream”. Later, I realized that having ambition in life is good but one must contemplate within for the answers. The Almighty gave everything that I desired in my childhood, good life and life partner. When it came to jobs, he made me contemplate further. I knew for sure that I had the capacity to go out in the world and aspire anything. However, “when man propose, God dispose” I think he was not quite happy with my journey within. He made me contemplate further, to analyze what the life purpose was. He would simply make me read books when I had the thoughts pertaining to the book.

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The thoughts were random in my head and I was not sure of where my path was going. At that moment, I realized that life is all about learning. Every step is about learning and making sure that nothing is impossible to achieve if you put your heart and mind to it, with passion and positive thoughts. Therefore, have thoughts that are positive and delve deep within because you are the one creating your journey.

                                                                                                                             Yours Truly….

                                                                                                                          Pavithrah . T


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