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This quote is very inspirational because many of us have faced this in life. We are fearful of what others say. Opinion of others tend to make us feel vulnerable. When I started blogging many people criticized and gave various opinions, yet I wanted to pursue what my passion was. I knew deep in my heart that what I was doing gave me confidence and heart’s content.  Blogging gave me inspiration to write what I was passionate about and gave me confidence.  Don’t be afraid to follow your own heart’s desire, because your inner voice is very powerful. The moment you start to follow your own heart, you are no longer a sheep, you become the roaring lion.

Be a Lion and stand out from the crowd and be a fearless leader like a bright shining star!


Light and Love


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    1. Thank You for your kind reply. I often like to serve people through my writing. If I am able to help atleast one person feel better and heal them. I am happy with that, that is the reason I love to blog. Most of what I write are through my experience. 🙂

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