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Have you heard about the Twin Flame concept and wondered what it’s all about? I‘ve been hearing this concept, ever since I started the ascension process in my life. Twin Flame is not the love that we physically have towards another. This is where people often misunderstand. When people talk about union with your beloved, it is the union within yourself and it is referred to as “Kundalini Awakening”. The soul divides itself into two and takes birth, and the divided soul is within you. We are all the spark of the divine, “the source”.  It is not an outer love but inner union with your own soul to connect with the source.

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It took me few years to understand what this process is, once you are in your ascension path you dive deep into yourself. Everything started for me in year 2010, August. This was when I came back from Australia and decided to stay with my husband in California. We were living in Ukiah, California at that time and the energy levels in that particular city was very high. I was not working at that time because I had just moved to California. Therefore, I had more time to focus on myself and in my spiritual path. I used to read lots of spiritual books and often go into deep meditation when my husband left for work.

One night I felt a strong tinkling sensation at my muladhara

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chakra and strong wave of energy flowing upwards and felt like someone was inside my room. I obviously woke up scared and woke my husband. Little did I know, that since I was focusing on my inward journey my path of ascension was progressing little by little. Few years down the road, I understood what was happening to me both inward and outward. I felt as if I was able to comprehend better and understand the approach of life. The things I used to like and love slowly drifted away from me however, the union with self was far beyond. People whom I felt comfortable being around was no longer in my circle. The loneliness pervaded my entire self and I felt connected to that.

I slowly felt the guidance of my beloved guru Sathya Sai Baba guiding me. I also met saintly souls throughout my path guiding me further in this ascension process. Mother Gaya “our world” is in transition. This is the reason for many of the calamities in the world. You might have heard people referring to third dimension and fifth dimension energies. Also, our earth is twining in the energy levels therefore, people who are in the higher vibrations are progressing further in the spiritual world. By doing meditation and going deep within we are also elevating our world’s vibration.

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Twin Flames are helping the energy levels in earth and are making it vibrate in higher dimensions. When we start to see the same soul in all and understand the fact that we are all one from the source. All the calamities in the world will diminish and we will feel the surroundings in higher vibration.

Yours Truly…

Pavithrah. T


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