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Life is a game, Play it!

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World is like a bubble, and we are all players in it. The referee is the Almighty watching all of our game while we enjoy this earthly life. He may give us a check point for playing the game well or might give us another life to come back and play it well. However, the omnipresent God is watching all of our actions with a smile whether it is good or bad. Sometimes, these actions are called karma. This analogy of looking at life, with a meaningful perspective, was taught by my Spiritual Master. He said, “Life is a challenge; meet it. Life is a dream; realize it. Life is a game; play it and Life is love; enjoy it.”

            Life is a challenge – if we are not given a challenge, can we think of the omnipresent God? No, I highly doubt it. We are all meant to come to this earth for a reason and are

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a spark of the Divinity. He believed in us and wanted us to experience this samsara (worldly life) with spiritual enlightenment, which is to realize Him. The challenges are obstacles which get us closer to Him. At times, the challenges may feel unbearable, but that does not mean He is not with us. Every time we face an obstacle we get better at it. Often, faith in us will help us maneuver through the life challenges. Then we are able to meet the challenges fearlessly. Every one of us in this earthly life goes through this process because we signed up and volunteered to love him more.

            Life is a dream; we are in an illusion. Close your eyes and put your both thumbs in

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your ear and cover your both eyes with your middle and ring fingers. Then bring your eye balls upward to look between your eyebrows. This mudra is a powerful one and is called the “Shambhavi Mahamudra”. While you do this mudra, say “Aum” from your navel. You will feel a profound silence and the mantra vibrating within you.  This is the absolute truth that you are the spark of divinity and everything else that you see is a dream. After you become familiar with it, you can go directly into the shambhavi mudra without closing the eyes with thumb, middle and ring fingers. I was fascinated with reading about Kriya yoga and was reading books from Himalayan masters. I came across this information and tried it myself. When we often meditate with this mudra, we will

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understand the absolute truth of “I to We to He.” Our global consciousness will awaken and selfish desires will wither away.

            When our global consciousness awakens, we will realize that life is a game. We are all in it to play it well. The thinking process will change from “I” to global mission. Every opportunity will manifest for working in the global mission. These actions will become a service opportunity. Therefore, life will be a wonderful game to play. In this process, everything and everyone will radiate love. We become the global family of oneness, and realize that life is love.

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    “Service to Man is Service to God- Baba”

                                                                                                                              Yours Truly…

                                  Pavithrah . T


3 thoughts on “Life is a game, Play it!

  1. Good….First step is positive attitude.Then desirless mind.It leads to nirvana.Atmosphere,body and mind all are full of energy.our soul (athma) is plays an important roll to make it good to us or bad……YOU ARE THE ONE GOING TO PLAY. good and bad victory and loss depend on how you are facing it….Appa.

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