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twin-flame-tunnel-spiral Picture Credit: Google 

Have you heard about the Twin Flame concept and wondered what it’s all about? I‘ve been hearing this concept, ever since I started the ascension process in my life. Twin Flame is not the love that we physically have towards another. This is where people often misunderstand. When people talk about union with your beloved, it is the union within yourself and it is referred to as “Kundalini Awakening”. The soul divides itself into two and takes birth, and the divided soul is within you. We are all the spark of the divine, “the source”.  It is not an outer love but inner union with your own soul to connect with the source.

moon Picture Credit: Google 

It took me few years to understand what this process is, once you are in your ascension path you dive deep into yourself. Everything started for me in year 2010, August…

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