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Reflection, Reaction and Re-sound

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In this world, many wonder about life and where it is heading. Why does everything one desire in life does not manifest? Imagine a world where everything that one desire just manifests? It would be the happiest moment that one cannot comprehend. It can be done with a positive attitude only. The reason for things to not manifest is because of our own projections. What we reflect in to the world would reflect back, would react back and in return would re-sound back. This is the reason that one should always

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send positive thoughts and this is the most affirmative truth. Imagine a tennis ball, when you hit it against a wall, it would bounce back to you. The same way when you project negativity, in-return it would project negativity or negative results.

 People who have positive attitude and positive outlook in life are more successful. One should always believe that, everything happens for our own good. At times, it might be difficult, however one should let positive thoughts out to the universe and wait patiently and it will manifest at right time.

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In my teens I have had several situations where I thought that the source or Almighty did not like all my ambition and desires. The reason for this is, many times things I desired did not manifest. I thought that perhaps I was meant to dream only. Later I realized, that counting the blessings rather than negativity was far better than mourning. I did not realize that through patiently waiting the Almighty was preparing me for something better. I learned to develop confidence in all my abilities and capabilities by learning from the flaws. When I was faced with constant failures, I learned to make that failure into positive situation. Think of it this way,

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imagine the world to be the prison, and you are working out your karmic debt by being in this prison. Therefore, when you emanate positive thoughts out to the universe, reflection, reaction and re-sound also would be positive.

When one quiet the mind and ask within for an answer one would surely know. However, our duty in this planet is it to make our desires heard to the universe and simply wait and trust in the creator.

                                                                Yours Truly…

                                                               Pavithrah . T



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