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How to cope with Failure?


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I have met several youngsters who turn very emotional and depressed when they encounter failure in life. Most of them whom I have spoken with say that, they are unable to withstand social pressure when faced with challenges due to failure. I particularly dedicate this blog to those who are unable to face challenges in life. I hope you become inspired after reading this blog because life is fascinating and interesting to explore.

There is nothing in this world that is impossible to achieve, if we put our heart and mind towards it. Dedication and persistent towards any activities, will lead one to achieve their goal. Great leaders and those who have achieved heights in all fields, have not let failure intervene in their lives. Have you heard of the phrase, “Failures are pillars of success?”

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This means that, you should look past the failure and make it a stepping stone for success. In each failure look at the teaching that it delivers? What were your strength and weakness? What made you to encounter the failure? Analyze those factors and make it a success in your next attempt.

I personally have encountered many challenges and failure when I was in my teens. I did not let that affect me or get to me personally. Thankfully, I looked upon many inspirational guides to get me overcome some of the challenges I faced.  Due to bad company, I was put on probation during first year of my University.  I had to deal with so much social pressure and overcoming that was bit difficult for me. Thankfully, I had parents who were very understanding during those Image result for failuredifficult times and gave courage to look past the obstacle and challenges that I was facing. I quickly learned that, instead of being depressed over the challenges; I learned to make positive outcome of that. I read many motivational and spiritual books to sooth my soul from scars and wound. I was surrounding myself with many positive thinkers who helped me uplift my soul. I drifted away from bad company and only focused on my studies. This not only helped me to get better grades it also allowed me to apply to graduate school. I learned that, the Universe was teaching me a lesson to accept both failure and success in equanimity. Don’t let failure judge your

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strength but learn from it to make it a success. This has been my mantra from my Undergraduate studies. Till now, I apply the same approach to any difficulties I face in life.

Life is a battle ground; everyone is trying to achieve something in the worldly sense. Many people are running after success as if it is the end of the world. Success should be part of life, but it should not over rule happiness or inner peace. Be content with Image result for failurewhatever life teaches you. The creator has created each person in a unique manner. For some the success rate is higher than others. This does not mean; you cannot reach for the stars. Everyone has the same potential to achieve the height, it is just that the way we approach it might differ from person to person. One must believe in themselves and not give up. All successful people might have encountered failure in one point in life, to reach the great height of success.

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All of us are born to serve and be of service to this Universe. When we delve deeper into our consciousness, we can tap into our infinite possibilities and overcome any failures and challenges. For this, one should develop a strong connection and sense of understanding that, everything happens in life for their own good. Life has many lessons to teach us and one of it is, coping with failures and overcoming it by making positive approach to it.



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