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Peace begins within You!

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          Imagine a place where you stand still and absorb the energy of the serene environment. When we close our eyes, and become one with that absolute moment of truth, you would feel the happiness surrounding your entire being. That quietness to mind, body and soul will give peaceful and healing energies to the world at large. One will be able to listen to the heart’s desire when the mind is quiet and is praying for welfare of all species.

Often the inner consciousness will reveal its true purpose when we sit in that quietness.

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Purity is that, which seeks nothing but goodness for all. In this time of utter chaos in the world, many people are unaware of the damage they are doing to themselves and to the surrounding they are in. We often speak of peace in the world. How can one achieve peace if he/she is not in harmony within themselves? Peace begins within you and with you. The first transformation should be within us.

            Peace will only manifest if our thoughts are pure with good intention. Now a day, people are bothered about themselves with selfish attitude. Only handful think of the global welfare of total harmony. Peace is nothing but thinking all are one and that divinity exists in all of us. We are the spark of the divinity; therefore we should be of that oneness. Instead, we differentiate ourselves and cause harm to the society at large. Oneness is understanding that the whole world is our home. We are all brothers and sisters of this wonderful home called earth.

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    It may seem unreasonable to think in that sense, however that is what our elders or our forefathers envisioned. As years progressed that total unity in diversity deviated. People became so entangled in power hungriness and did not care for the welfare of the world. If you truly believe, anything can manifest into reality. However, that change for unity and peace should start with individual self. When we totally believe and transform our self, peace will manifest.

            First one must get inner peace. When there is no inner peace then the world at large will not get peace. Inner peace is coming to realization that everything happens for our own good. One must eliminate all desires and acknowledge the fact that, we are all here in this planet for higher purpose. Instead, we get entangled in so called busy life and forget the true nature of who we are. Remember, we are the spark of the divinity, therefore we must work for the higher cause. This is the reason some light workers all over the world are meditating. When we sing and meditate, the sound vibration double in the atmosphere and cause calming and peaceful surrounding to the world.

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            Therefore, peace begins within you! Once we live in harmony the whole world will transform into a peaceful world.

“Samasthe Loka Sukinoe Bavanthu.”

May All the beings in all the worlds have happiness and peace!



2 thoughts on “Peace begins within You!

  1. Let people first think that by daily meditation and chanting a mantram like the Gayatri their own life and health improves. Then the Change will come by itself. None should have the impression that he “must” do something, like eliminate desires. That will come by itself through God’s Grace (my humble experiences).

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