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Turn fear into Surrender.

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In this fast paced environment we often run in fear; fear of not knowing what the boss will say, fear of how others will perceive us, fear of not paying our bills and how it can affect our financial stability, fear of not getting into that desired law or med school, fear of relationships or even fear of not having kids.  This fear is what is controlling our mind.  Where does this fear come from? It comes when we give the power to our mind. Mind takes over and starts controlling our thoughts and in return the thoughts manifest into reality.

Take a step back and honestly look at your fear and the thoughts. In a paper write them down. What are you fearful of and why are you having these negative thought patterns? I started doing things and greatly understood of the fear that I had within me. The fear is basically the others notion of what is and not mine. I am desperately trying to manifest things into reality at this time, which may not be the correct timing for me or I am worthy of something greater that I am not aware of. I truly had to pay attention to the fear and the ways how I am trying to control the Universe into my timing. Sometimes it’s alright to detour a little and understand and get back into the alignment with the Universe. We all are here for a higher purpose. The faster we surrender and let the Universe take its action, the better it will be for ourselves. Always know that delay is not denial. There may be a greater gift that maybe coming your way which you might not know in your tunnel vision. I always try to sit and meditate through to get the answers when I am in a doubt of any manifestation. However,  do communicate your intent to the Universe and surrender to it.

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So how can one surrender?

  • Surrender all your fears and worries and let it go. Do a mindful prayer telling the Universe that I trust in your divine timing for everything to manifest into reality and it is working out in my best interest.
  • Once you say that prayer, take a deep breath and allow it to truly take its own course of action.
  • Be patient and have faith in its timing. When you are patient, you are not controlling anything in your timing but allowing the Universe to work on its favorable timing for your highest good.
  • It’s alright to allow the feelings to come forth but know that once you surrender, let go of how and when it will manifest in to reality.
  • Just trust the process and pray!

Always believe and have faith in the process that everything will be alright. Do not let the fear to overtake your thoughts.

Love & Light…


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