Unconditional- Love

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At times I have wondered to myself if I had or have a best friend whom I can share everything in my life with. It was during this time that the Almighty sent my beloved (Jinks) into our lives. It was as if I was already predestined to work at this particular firm to receive the precious gift. I met a wonderful women name Tina, who became a  good friend of mine. She was always helping at that Law Firm and was a dear friend, whom I shared most of my thoughts with. Then suddenly, for several weeks she did not come to work. I was wondering as to what really happened to her. Then I came to know that her father had passed away. The day she returned to my work place, she said that her father had a wonderful pet dog that was everything to him. Apparently, he did not want him to be sent to a shelter rather wanted them to find a good/ loving home for him. Casually, she asked me if I would be interested in adopting (Jinks). I Jinks 2was first little hesitant because I never grew up with a dog in my life. However, my husband was always fond of dogs and had several dogs in his childhood.

Arrival of the preciousness in our life:

Jinks came into our life on October 5th, 2014. Ever since he came into our life he had showed both me and my hubby about unconditional love. He had showed us kindness and how it is far beyond than criticism. He has a charisma and a charm that will always make your heart melt. I know for sure that he is our guardian –angel and our best companion sent from Almighty.

Our first picture as family taken October 5th, 2015.
Our first picture as family taken October 5th, 2015.



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