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Pet is always part of the Family.

Our Love Jinks 🙂 

I never grew up having dogs but ever since Jinks (a.k.a Jinkeshwar/ Kala Bairava) came into our life, both our lives became fulfilled. As mentioned in my previous blog, he was given to us through one of my co-worker, after her father passed away. It has been two years since he came into our lives. We have always treated him as part of our family. My husband often says that the amount of unconditional love, that Jinks shows both of us is tremendous. No matter how severe your day turns out; when we come home he always showers his unconditional love on us.

            He has and he will be our first son. We are so fortunate to have him in our lives. He

My husband and I with the little guy. 

is given the priority in our house for everything; sharing bed to taking him out on walks. I feel that the Universe wanted both my husband and I, as young couple to learn life through Jinks. It is not easy to train or notice how they feel or behave. However, I learned about responsibility and love only through having him in our house. I am always grateful to Almighty for that.

            It is upsetting at times to see people, not respecting animals as part of their families. I feel that, there should be social responsibility on treating animals’ same way we treat humans. They also have feelings which I feel should be respected and acknowledged. Animals show love only through how we share love and affection with them. Love is all there is in this planet and let’s embrace, this love by showing love to all the Animals.

May All the Beings in all the Worlds have Happiness & Peace!

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2 thoughts on “Pet is always part of the Family.

  1. I live with 7 Dogs in the house. The feeding do the others in the Family. From me they only get petting, stroking them, rubbing them, one after the other and the love the others in the family get I get as well from them. When they come out into the garden greeting me at returning home I have their paw stains everywhere when they jump up at me. But what the fuzz, I love their exuberance, their love…

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    1. Wow, you must be in bliss seeing all 7 of them playing around. 😊
      For me, I learn alot from animals especially showing same love and happiness throughout. They also teach to control our mind. They only focus on the moment. Thanks for your comment Anandrahasya.

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