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Meeting my Divine Guru…

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island situated in the Indian Ocean; it is often called as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” because of its size beneath Bharat (India). I was born and raised in Sri Lanka. Due to the ethnic conflict, I had to move to Canada and after marriage to United States. Growing up in a family, which dwells in strong Hindu beliefs and strict Tamil customs, I have always felt blessed and the Divine presence throughout with me. Though I participated in family rituals and customs, I always felt as if I was missing something in my life. I was always thriving to find the Divine peace in my life. This was when, without me even realizing, I got in to Swami’s fold (Sri Sathya Sai Baba)  at a tender age of five. I was greatly blessed to accompany my sister and my parents for the first World Youth Conference (WYC) which was held in Prasanthi Nilayam in 1997. When I first saw Swami, tears just came down my cheeks. His walk amongst the many millions of devotees made me realize that I was fortunate to witness the Present Avatar (Incarnation of God) in this Kali Yuga. Above all, when Swami (Sri Sathya Sai Baba) said, “No one can step in this soil without the divine will” I was mesmerized and understood that Prashanthi Nilayam is the Abode of Highest Peace. Swami gave Pada Namaskaram to my father in 1997. That trip itself had caused a fair amount of transformation in my family and myself. After returning from Prasanthi Nilayam, we, all our family members, started to intensely follow the Nine Point Code of Conduct, which was strongly stressed by Swami in the WYC 1997. One of which was to adopt family Bhajan session once a week. With Swami’s permission, every Saturday 8 PM was chosen for family bhajan and has been continuing up till now. If any obligations come, one of us will remain at home to conduct the bhajans. Apart from family weekly Bhajans, as one of Swami’s strict commands, we also converted ourselves to be vegetarians. Whenever we conducted the family Bhajans, we felt Swami’s Divine presence in our house. As years progressed, it was time for me to apply for University. I always had remained as an average student. At one point, I was not able to handle my high school examinations due to my Grandfather’s death. It deeply affected me because I was very attached to him. Though I explained my situation to the school councillor, she stated, “I doubt if you would enter University because your marks aren’t high enough.” Though she mentioned like that, I had strong belief in Swami. Leaving everything to Him, I applied to the Universities anyway. By Swami’s grace and compassion and to everyone’s surprise, I had been accepted in to University of Guelph, Canada with an entrance scholarship. I knew it was not me, but it was the Divine Leela of Swami, and I was extremely happy for Swami to shower His Divine Grace personally on me. Dark clouds started to fall on my face in the first year of my undergraduate degree. To testify my human nature, ego attacked me because “I Entered University.” Due to my ego, Swami did not interfere with my examinations. Consequently, I slowly started to feel lower grades on my examinations. To take me back to Divine nature, Swami, in the form of conscience, hit me quite hard when I received the letter from the University stating “I was On Probation.” I cried loud and called Swami in great agony. I asked Him to show me His Divine Presence if He was God. I was deeply hurt as I did not know what to do. This was when Bhagavan’s Divine Presence was shown in my house, (his visiting card). May 20th, 2004 Swami smeared Vibuthi (Holly ash), Kum Kum (Divine red ash), Amirth (Honey), and Sandalwood powder in the altar of our house. His Divine visit and presence are still felt in my house till this day in Canada. He blessed not only me but also my family with His Divine Presence. If it was not for my beloved Swami, I would have not graduated and entered in to Graduate studies. I have always taken Swami as my father and mother ever since childhood and he continues to bless in all aspect.    This was when he fulfilled my desire to marry in  Prashanthi Nilayam.

If we take one step towards our most beloved and dearest Swami, he will take many thousands of steps to carry us in His both arms. We just have to dedicate our entire life to Him, do His work and the rest will fall in place. It is not necessary to ask Him for what we want. He has come to give us what we seek for. Golden era is now, the present moment. We, as His devotees, are blessed to be guided by our dearest Lord and March along His Divine Mission to the Humanity. Swami has changed His saying from, “My life is My message” to “Your life is My message.”

By Surrendering, I devote my entire life to our dear Lord’s mission and merge in his divine nectar of love.


Pavithrah. T


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