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I have often heard many say that they were destined to achieve something. In reality, is that the case for all? Perhaps, you were meant to meet your life partner and you wait for the right moment and for the right person. Likewise, many wait for everything in life and at times loose the opportunity they get. Therefore, how do we really know if it is Destiny or the choices that we make determines the life?
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What is Destiny? It can be termed as hidden power that determines what will happen in the future. It can also be stated as fate. Choice is something that we often make, we choose the food we like to eat, we wear the clothes based on our liking and likewise we make the choice to take bath and drink water. These are essential choices in life and therefore one cannot negate them. However, when it comes to making decisions for important events, we get really confused. Life is all about making the right choices.
I am a firm believer of making choice and at the same time I do believe in the power of Destiny and the Almighty. I believe that the Almighty has given us the power of discrimination to choose from right and wrong. In my personal life I have missed several great opportunities because I simply waited for Destiny to take over.
If I had not made the choice to go to University, I would not have had the education to get good employment. However, Destiny determined that I had to make that choice.
In life every day we make choice and often those choices influence the end result of our life. It is very essential for teens especially to make the right choices. Some stray away and choose to get involved in deliberate acts that harm their life. Our inner conscience will tell if it is right or wrong, mostly some term this as the, “gut feeling.” Believe in your ability to make the right choice and then Destiny will lead the way.
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Everything in life is pre-determined and is the will of Almighty. However, as mentioned above we have the discriminative ability to choose what is right and learn from the mistakes. Therefore, one should not be afraid to make choices in life. If you fail then get up and make another choice. Remember, “Failures are pillars of success.” Each time one fails in life there is a new door opening.
                                                                                                                                                   Yours Truly…
                                                       Pavithrah . T

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