When one has self-love, they are really capable of handling anything in life. The reason for this is, self-love is all about loving yourself. When one has love for him/her self they will have the self-confidence to do anything in life. In reality, the passion for things in life has to come from within and you get this through self-love.

Ever since I was young, I did not have the passion to love my self. I always thought of “what if’s” in my mind and negativity was surrounding my thoughts. In return my self-esteem went down drastically. I was not sure the purpose behind those thoughts, but I viewed myself as a person not
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capable of doing anything. This could have come from the way I always viewed myself. I compared myself with other people who were of better positions or status than myself. This thought really brought my inner strength and capacity very low. Though, the Almighty has placed me in better standing and has given me the education to sustain myself, I had the negativity in my mind. I hated the way I looked and was overly depressed in the choices that I made in life. I was very fortunate to have parents and sister who supported and gave confidence. Likewise now my loving husband is the soul motivator and believer of my dreams. 
When one loves him/herself with passion they will look great, feel great and will have the abundance of energy to accomplish any tasks. The light within is very powerful and it can move mountains therefore, one should stay strong and be strong in every steps of life. It took many years to understand this concept. I feel very happy at last, this motivation has come within me after many years.  The tool to have self-love is to really understand the soul purpose. In the end of the day, being unhappy will not take anyone anywhere. Therefore one should explore life and love thy self and be happy always with what life has given you.

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One should surround themselves with positive people and should never under estimate themselves in any given scenario. When you feel positive about yourself and love yourself, you would feel very happy doing any task. The Almighty has given us this life to truly understand this purpose and always count the numerous blessings in your life. Love yourself always and stay positive about life!  
     Yours Truly… 
Pavithrah. T

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