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The world is in new transition and the energy levels of everyone is becoming more intense and aware of the purpose one is born in this world.  Pavithrah Tharmaseelan is a passionate Blogger, Inspiring Podcaster, Paralegal,  and a spiritual seeker residing in Northern California. She currently works at Department of Social Services, California and continues to blog her inspirational thoughts in Illumined 13. She also does Podcasts every Saturday via Spotify & Apple. She was born in Sri Lanka Paviand has lived in Canada where she did her schooling. She has traveled around India on several pilgrimages, where she met Yogis, Saints and Spiritual Masters. She also lived in Australia for an year where she attended various social causes and participated in competitions organized by the University. She pursued an BA in World History and a AA Degree in Paralegal. She migrated to USA, California to live with her husband in the year 2010.

She passionately took up blogging to connect her thoughts with like-minded people. She feels that, with writing she can heal others and express her thought process. Currently, by the subscribers requests she has taken up podcasting as well to bring positive messages to the world. Ever since she was a child, she had the urge to spiritual journey and social welfare. She has volunteered and participated in various social organizations. She also has taken part in Youth Conferences organized by Sathya Sai Baba’s Spiritual Organization in India. She underwent a Youth Leadership training for six months which was conducted by Sathya Sai International Organization. Through her academic and work background she has developed various skill set which she uses during her personal blogging and podcasting.

This blog (Illumined) will be purely her passions on inspirational and motivational topics that can re-affirm the person’s faith in life. She writes her blog with divine guidance and she hopes to engage with like-minded people through this blog.

Live Simply, Laugh Generously & Laugh Often…

E-mail: Saipavithrah@gmail.com



11 thoughts on “About The Blog Author:

  1. Thanks for Being. Inspiration never gets old. In fact, I believe it keeps us young and certainly more alive in spirit. It’s what I love most about being affiliated with the blogging community. We never know what you’re going to get when you visit a blog, but for me I most always feel I ventured forth and hit gold!!!

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