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Everything happens for a reason…

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Have you ever wondered why things don’t happen the way you anticipate? Do you get dejected because of that? Well my friends, I have often heard from many saying that, “Everything happens for a reason.” However, our mind will not allow us to come to terms with that statement.

If you truly believe that everything we desire must happen, then we are in the perfect world. It is difficult to cope with success and rejections. However, there is a bigger force behind everything that happens in our life. To understand this concept, we must first understand that we are not the doers. When we let our ego kick in, that’s when the gateway to failures start opening. We must be humble and accept both success and rejections in life with humility.

We may desire one way and the Universe might have something different to offer us.

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However, we must try our best at everything we do. In this world, we are all puppets in the hand of Almighty. Each of us are created for a purpose and yet we run around wanting to manifest somethings that may not fulfill our purpose. Be calm and let your spark within guide you to success. This spark is often called the, “Inner voice.” Or consciousness.


Short Story: “Lord will come to your rescue, when you least anticipate.”

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Hanuman is a great devotee of Lord Rama and played a major role in a Hindu scripture called Ramayana. He is often depicted with great strength and a physical body of a monkey. Often Hindus believe that, praying to Hanuman will give them strength and physical stability to overcome anything.

Once there was a Man who was carrying some bags of rice on a bullock cart in a rural village in India. It was raining heavily and his bullock cart wheels got stuck in the mud. He was unable to do anything and was trying hard to get the wheels out of the mud. To add to his worry his rice bags also fell in the mud. He prayed and called Hanuman to come to rescue.

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Hanuman appeared in front of him and asked, “why did you call me?” The man said, “are you not seeing what has happened to me? I am in great distress, please help me.” Hanuman stated, “God has given you the intellect to make choices. You had many possibilities to over come this situation. You could have left later after the storm or could have covered your rice bags with a sac. Now that you are in this situation, try your best and give effort to overcome this situation. This was the reason I asked you that question.” The old man, was agitated and confused that even Lord has not showed mercy on him. Then Hanuman consoled him and stated, “The reason I said like that was, in life you must give your maximum effort and then God will shower his blessings. If you do not take even one step, how can God come to your rescue? God will come to your rescue when you least anticipate. Never in life think that God has left your site. He is always watching over everyone at the same time, life lessons also must be learned.” Then the man realized that, everything in life happens for a reason. He realized if he has not got stuck in the rain, he would not have had the opportunity to have the blessings of talking with Hanuman and learning that life lesson. From then on, he started putting 100% effort in everything that he tried in life.

Therefore, moral of the story is that we should always realize that things in life happen for a reason.We must count our blessings rather than worrying over it. Our thoughts are the cause for worries. The current situation might not be in our favour or perhaps it might. However, it may not be the final destination. We should always crave to touch the highest and learn more from life lessons.





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