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New You with New Look…

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Health is an essential part of our life. When we have good health, we look and feel great always. However, there is always a pause when we think of feeling great. We often ask questions such as “will I ever loose that weight?” How am I going to make my body look and feel fit? Should I go to gym next month? All these questions and phrases arise in our mind, and we omit starting a healthy life because of constant over thinking. I am ever grateful to Almighty for introducing me to Dr. Rajshree Gaitonde MD, JD & M.H.S.  I affectionately call her as my Aunty, and she shares her wisdom of Holistic Medicine with me regularly. Going forward, I will write my conversations with her regarding healing the body, mind and soul through music and share her knowledge in spirituality. I will give her brief bio in my next blog on “Conversations with Aunty Rajshree.”

When we decide to live a healthy life, we should not put the thought in the back bench, rather start it immediately. Therefore, I thought

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of writing my first blog this year (2017) with a positive mindset on health. Our body is a temple, and when we nourish it properly, it will serve us better to be of a worthy instrument to the Divine. The biggest problem for all of us to feel not worthy is due to not being successful in achieving our goals in the past and lack of self-love.

One should not look for immediate results rather have a goal and achieve one at a time. Always, have an affirmation to read every morning to feel great and to feel the love of the Divine. This way, you would feel motivated and better.

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Treat your body with love and care with essential oils and good steam bath. When you stand in the shower feel that all your worries and anxiety are washed away by the natural hot water. Remember, your soul needs a healthy temple to dwell, and therefore, care for it as much as you can.

Eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber and gives you strength and motivation to work hard. Along with eating good food, exercise regularly. Walking outside in the sunlight gives you Vitamin D and makes you feel great. When you connect with mother earth out in the nature, the feeling of bliss will naturally give you strength. I am writing this blog with good heart because I, myself am going through the same consequence. I feel that the knowledge I get from within and through my Aunt should be shared with all. I have started this year with positive thought to help others in feeling good about themselves. In my blog, I will constantly post pictures and recipes of breakfast, lunch and dinner which can help you with losing weight. When we say that we are the spark of that Divine, we should keep our body (temple) in a good condition without any disease and problems. Therefore, look forward to upcoming blogs on health titled, Conversations with Aunty Rajsree.

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Love yourself and Divine light will shine through you!

Much Love



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