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What you think, that you are!

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Picture Credit: Google 

How wonderful would it be to manifest everything that we desire in life? In my last blog I wrote about desire vs passion. In this blog, I will write about how to manifest something using our mind. God has given human being a very powerful tool called mind. With our mind everything is possible. Only dilemma is that, most of us don’t know how to use it and therefore we have a clutter mind. Have you heard a phrase called, “What you think, that you are?” whatever a person thinks he can create it. It is not magic but a powerful thought. Scientifically it is proven that there are electromagnetic waves in our thought process and when we think, that thought process is put in the universe. This might scare many people because not too often, do we think right? Yes, this thought has scared me as well because I too have clutter mind.

God had c

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reated this wonderful planet for us to experience. However, we are too busy looking elsewhere than creating wonderful experiences in this planet. He has given everything we need such as the intellect, life force and creativity. For example, to learn how to swim we go to a swimming lessons and the instructor teaches the person the process of how to swim. Once we master the skill of swimming the instructor allows us to dive deep into the pool to explore, while he watch us. Likewise, God has created this powerful planet and allowed us to dive deep and manifest everything. However, we are too busy pointing fingers and making the planet very chaotic. (Ex: Political, Social and Environmental issues.)

The only way to manifest our thoughts are by channeling our self with one pointed attention. If we have the passion to become something we should channel ourselves wisely and work towards the goal that we want manifested. Another example is, if we want to get a house and we think of the right time to get it. A person might be putting the thought off for long period of time. However, when we have the passion to get a house and work

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towards the goal it will be possible. People might call this having faith in ourselves and manifesting it through our thoughts.

In conclusion, faith can move mountains! Therefore, we should focus our mind towards the goal and should channel the vision of our goal to the universe. Therefore, what we think we can manifest it.

Yours Truly…

Pavithrah. T



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