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Vacation to Hawaii (Kauai)

At Grand Canyon Kaui.

This year is our 6th Wedding Anniversary, and my husband and I decided to tour an island in Hawaii called Kaui. It is an island on mid-pacific and most of the land is covered with tropical rain forest and soothing beaches. I was not expecting much when I left California, however as I landed in Kaui, I fell in love with the island. The island is beautiful and it rejuvenates the entire mind, body and soul. I loved seeing lots of roosters on the road side and seeing coconut and palm trees all over the island. It is a paradise on earth and felt like going to another world.

After landing we rented a vehicle to drive around, and checked in at our hotel. Our hotel was overlooking the beach therefore we took it easy on the first day sitting and breathing the fresh air at the beach.  Following day, we heard of a Hindu Monastery nearby from our friends, therefore we decided to go and explore. The most fascinating thing about Kaui is, the mythological and ancient folk stories that the residence of the island still follow.

Kaui’s Hindu Monastery:

This place is situated around tropical rain forests, waterfalls, cliffs and seas. Just going to

Near Subramanya Swami.

this Monastery is a blessing in disguise. I never knew that I along with my husband would get such opportunity to visit this blissful place. When we went, we had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful monks. It really did feel like a utopian environment. I am personally a person who is attracted to such vintage stories and folk stories. Being a Hindu by origin I was fascinated to see, how the mythological stories are still preserved in this Monastery. I also learned about the ancient sage of Sri Lanka, Yogar Swami. I never knew about Sri Lankan guru lineage till I actually went to this Hindu Monastery.

Both my husband and I were blessed to meet Saravananatha Swami, a monk in this Monastery. He took us around this temple and showed us the new temple being built under Agama Sastra. We also enjoyed going to the Rudra homa in the wee hour of early morning.

Other Places:

During our four-day stay in Kaui, we also visited various places for sightseeing. It was a breath taking experience. I was really marveled at the creation of God. The mountains, ocean, birds etc, were beautiful to the sight. We visited Poipu beach and Grand Canyon of Kaui. The drive to both places were fascinating. We also saw a cultural dance called Luau where the dancers will exhibit the cultural stories of Kaui. This was wonderful to watch.

Overall, the experience itself made this journey a wonderful one. I am sure, my visit to Kaui does not end here. There are more visits to resume and I am looking forward to it.


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