Journeying Through Life

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“Journeying through this life seemed alright, but suddenly things are not going right.”

How many of you have said this phrase or might have thought about it? Well you are not alone; everyone in this world would have thought about this phrase many times, at least I can confess that I have thought about this phrase to a certain extent.

The reason for this is, human life is all about living for others. We are brought up in this so called forward world where everything one does in life, is to please other people. At times we compare and contrast our life with others. When a person is young, he/she is told about the society and how one should live up to the social norms of the society. Therefore, a person is confined to the life that society expects. When the mind starts to play games with your heart then life becomes hectic or in other words not pleasant. You may wonder, then how does one journey through this difficult life? Why

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everything in life become difficult to cope? How does one live without thinking about the social norms? These are some questions; I am sure everyone thinks of and perhaps might have come across different answers.

In order to journey through this life, one should eliminate desires and should not take life as difficult or challenging one. Always count the blessings. It is very simple to write but it is difficult to control the desires or thoughts. Desires are the main reason that makes this so called life a

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challenging one. Think about it? If one can control the desire of wanting an expensive BMW car for a cheaper one, he can maintain his budget wisely. However, this is not how the mind is made up of. We are brought up thinking or wanting the “American Dream”. Everyone is mentally tuned into the worldly desires because this is what the mind expects us to live by.

One should learn to accept and acknowledge the present situation in life. “Mind is like a mad monkey” it will want many things however if we let the mind play a lead role, soon life will become a challenging aspect to face. We should always center our thoughts in our heart. Often I’ve heard  people say that heart is where our consciousness is situated. When we listen to our heart many times we are able to face the odds of this challenging world. Mind may want many things but heart will tell you what is right from wrong.

Simple Steps to Follow:

  • When you are agitated, sit quietly and close your eyes. Focus on the problem and bring it in to your center of the heart.
  • Analyze why the problem seems unable to withstand.
  • Finally, once you find the solution leave it to the almighty and surrender. When you surrender to the universe, it will take care of your problem.

Keep a journal and write every day at night, when you look back at the day’s work, at times you may find how the Almighty sends you people to recover many solutions. Always, when we live simply, you can love and laugh often!.

                                                                                                                  Yours Truly…

                                                                                                                   Pavithrah. T

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