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Inspirational Quote 9

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This is a very good Quote to dwell on during the start of New Year’s. Wishing all a very Happy, healthy and Prosperous 2017. 

Going forward, as the quote clearly outlines we should embrace every opportunity life presents to us. We are all here in this world so that we can understand life and merge with the Source. We must be happy with the outcome and align with your truth because life is too precious to waste. So how can one embrace life? We should welcome it as an opportunity gifted by the Almighty to know him better. It is always healthier to commit to at least one spiritual practice daily in this New Year. Free your mind from all sorts of commotion. Mind is the cause for any miseries, therefore if we free the mind of any unwanted thoughts, life will be a beauty to admire. The challenges of life are there to make one know their strengths not weakness. When we keep our eyes always on the Divine, even a mountain can be crossed as an easy jump. 

Therefore, lets embrace life and keep smiling throughout this year. May all your dreams become fulfilled as we walk on the path of happiness. 

Love & Light 




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