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Leadership & Women Empowerment -11

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In my previous blog last year, I have written about Women empowerment part 1. However, I wanted to combine both Leadership and Women Empowerment (Part 11) together and blog, especially when our shift of consciousness is higher. I believe that within us, everyone has a powerful voice. This voice within us should be heard but at times, the voice of women is withered away due to dominant characters in society.

            When we look back historically in the early 1900’s women were suppressed and were not allowed to do anything other than house hold chores and birthing. This slowly started to change extremely after the WW1 &11. Women got the opportunity to ride planes and work alongside male counterparts e

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qually. They were slowly advocating on issues that were so pressing in the societies like human rights. By the 20th and 21st Century women were taking dominant leadership in almost all the areas.

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     Why is that Women are characterized as less dominant? This I believe is due to society norms.  Everyone has both male and female energies within us. We may call these energies as male/ female, yin/yang, light/ dark and Shiva/ Shakti. All of us have the creative aspect within us and through these energies, we have the potential to self-express. In this specific time, both males and females are expressing the subtle energies of female which is dormant in them. Therefore, Women especially are self-expressed in their leadership abilities.

            I often rely back on the quote my Spiritual Master stated,

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           I want you to be leaders to protect the world. Leaders like lions, self-reliant, courageous, majestic and just. Lion is the king of animals and I want you to be king among men.”

~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba, inaugural address to students, Summer Course 1992


This to me is very profound. I feel that as a leader everyone should first “BE” by understanding the importance of being a leader in the society. Then we should “DO” whatever we preach, has to be in action. Finally, “SEE” as a visionary thinker. These words of my master I feel, is very powerful for Women Empowerment.

 Women are empowered within them to make great changes in the society. There are visionary thinkers and writers in our society who advocate in many issues. I feel, everyone has the potential to become empowered and work for the society we live in!

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                                                                                        Yours Truly…

Pavithrah. T


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