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Temples in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island situated beneath India and is often called the “Pearl of Indian Ocean” because of its size. There are many myths and stories surrounded with this beautiful Island in the Hinduism.  I am fortunate to be born in this Country to Tamil parents and followers of strict Hindu customs however, I… Continue reading Temples in Sri Lanka

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Originally posted on ILLUMINED 13:
Picture Credit: Google  Have you heard about the Twin Flame concept and wondered what it’s all about? I‘ve been hearing this concept, ever since I started the ascension process in my life. Twin Flame is not the love that we physically have towards another. This is where people often misunderstand. When…

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Meet The Bloggers!

Originally posted on ILLUMINED 13:
? Image by Google Hello Bloggers! This is mainly a meet the bloggers section, where you get to meet bloggers from all over the world. Write something that is inspirational or share a quote that interests you the most along with linking your blog. Blogging is a way where one creatively…

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Inspirational Quote 10

This quote is very apt for those of us who always question as to what is the purpose of life. As the quote states, we are not here in this world accidently, our birth is meaningful. We came here for a purpose and all of us are working to find the true purpose of our… Continue reading Inspirational Quote 10

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Inspirational Quote 5

This is a wonderful Quote to contemplate on. Often, mind is the cause for all worries and doubts. We tend to seek fast and easy solution to everything in life. However, when we trust and have faith that things will work out, as how it is meant to be; We will find peace within us… Continue reading Inspirational Quote 5

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Journey to Vashita Cave

This pilgrimage was beyond my comprehension. Little did I know that, I along with my husband would get an opportunity to visit the cave of Great Rishi Vashita and his wife Arundhati who did penance for many years. Who is Sage Vashita? He is one of the Sapta Rishis and Arundati is his wife.  Vashita… Continue reading Journey to Vashita Cave

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Vacation to Hawaii (Kauai)

This year is our 6th Wedding Anniversary, and my husband and I decided to tour an island in Hawaii called Kaui. It is an island on mid-pacific and most of the land is covered with tropical rain forest and soothing beaches. I was not expecting much when I left California, however as I landed in… Continue reading Vacation to Hawaii (Kauai)

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“I AM”-Presence

This galaxy was created with love for the purpose of understanding our true nature. However, with day to day busy life we are unsure of how to tap into the infinite possibilities that the Universe has for all of creation. In the path of ascension, many find that the chatter mind is the cause for… Continue reading “I AM”-Presence

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Body, Mind & Soul

 On the path of ascension, one’s body, mind and soul has to be in balance. What this means is, what we put in to our bodies matter a lot. This body is a vehicle and tool to serve the planet. God has gifted this vehicle so that, we can serve for the highest good. Those… Continue reading Body, Mind & Soul

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Life is a game, Play it!

World is like a bubble, and we are all players in it. The referee is the Almighty watching all of our game while we enjoy this earthly life. He may give us a check point for playing the game well or might give us another life to come back and play it well. However, the… Continue reading Life is a game, Play it!