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“I AM”-Presence

This galaxy was created with love for the purpose of understanding our true nature. However, with day to day busy life we are unsure of how to tap into the infinite possibilities that the Universe has for all of creation. In the path of ascension, many find that the chatter mind is the cause for… Continue reading “I AM”-Presence

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Body, Mind & Soul

 On the path of ascension, one’s body, mind and soul has to be in balance. What this means is, what we put in to our bodies matter a lot. This body is a vehicle and tool to serve the planet. God has gifted this vehicle so that, we can serve for the highest good. Those… Continue reading Body, Mind & Soul

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Life is a game, Play it!

World is like a bubble, and we are all players in it. The referee is the Almighty watching all of our game while we enjoy this earthly life. He may give us a check point for playing the game well or might give us another life to come back and play it well. However, the… Continue reading Life is a game, Play it!

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Live Your Calling

  Have you ever woken up from sleep and questioned what is my calling? Why am I here? And what is the purpose of this life? Well, don’t worry you are not alone. I think many of us on the path of finding our own destiny, have this ongoing dilemma within us. The world wants… Continue reading Live Your Calling

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Leadership & Women Empowerment -11

In my previous blog last year, I have written about Women empowerment part 1. However, I wanted to combine both Leadership and Women Empowerment (Part 11) together and blog, especially when our shift of consciousness is higher. I believe that within us, everyone has a powerful voice. This voice within us should be heard but… Continue reading Leadership & Women Empowerment -11

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What you think, that you are!

How wonderful would it be to manifest everything that we desire in life? In my last blog I wrote about desire vs passion. In this blog, I will write about how to manifest something using our mind. God has given human being a very powerful tool called mind. With our mind everything is possible. Only… Continue reading What you think, that you are!

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Desires vs Passion

  Desires are created out of having passion for something. As a child the minute after we cry for food we are fed. Likewise, we develop this nature towards desire like a mad monkey. We think success is determined when the desire is fulfilled and we do not know that chasing a desire can bring… Continue reading Desires vs Passion