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Pet is always part of the Family.

I never grew up having dogs but ever since Jinks (a.k.a Jinkeshwar/ Kala Bairava) came into our life, both our lives became fulfilled. As mentioned in my previous blog, he was given to us through one of my co-worker, after her father passed away. It has been two years since he came into our lives.… Continue reading Pet is always part of the Family.

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Peace begins within You!

          Imagine a place where you stand still and absorb the energy of the serene environment. When we close our eyes, and become one with that absolute moment of truth, you would feel the happiness surrounding your entire being. That quietness to mind, body and soul will give peaceful and healing energies to the world… Continue reading Peace begins within You!

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How to cope with Failure?

  I have met several youngsters who turn very emotional and depressed when they encounter failure in life. Most of them whom I have spoken with say that, they are unable to withstand social pressure when faced with challenges due to failure. I particularly dedicate this blog to those who are unable to face challenges… Continue reading How to cope with Failure?

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Happiness is within You

We are often made to take decisions in our life, which can change our entire destiny. At times, we are caught between cross roads, not knowing which way one should travel. However, our inner intuition will guide us when we are caught between these cross roads. I was in similar situation which turned my journey… Continue reading Happiness is within You