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Inspirational Quote 10

This quote is very apt for those of us who always question as to what is the purpose of life. As the quote states, we are not here in this world accidently, our birth is meaningful. We came here for a purpose and all of us are working to find the true purpose of our… Continue reading Inspirational Quote 10

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Inspirational Quote 9

  This is a very good Quote to dwell on during the start of New Year’s. Wishing all a very Happy, healthy and Prosperous 2017.  Going forward, as the quote clearly outlines we should embrace every opportunity life presents to us. We are all here in this world so that we can understand life and… Continue reading Inspirational Quote 9

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Inspirational Quote 8

  This is a perfect quote to dwell on because often when one door of happiness closes, we tend to think of the past and worry over it. We do not realize that God has closed the door for a purpose and he is providing new opportunities. The best way to approach sadness is by… Continue reading Inspirational Quote 8

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Inspirational Quote 7

  This quote is currently apt for everything that is happening in the world and for ourselves. In life, patience is needed to succeed however we are impatient and seek results fast. One must trust the Almighty because his timing is the best and it is worth the wait.            … Continue reading Inspirational Quote 7

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Inspirational Quote 6

This quote is apt for all; we never realize or give compliments to ourselves. When we love ourselves, we will always walk with confidence. Self- Love is very important and we need to acknowledge that. It also helps with our psychological, physical and spiritual growth. When we start to expand self-love, we will also start… Continue reading Inspirational Quote 6

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Inspirational Quote 4

  This Quote is relevant to many of us. All of us carry a unique light within us that guides us always. That light within us is so strong and powerful. We tend to follow the masses without understanding our own true nature. I often believe that, change starts with (you), being Self -Reliant, Courageous,… Continue reading Inspirational Quote 4

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Inspirational Quote 3

    It is very difficult to understand life and its purpose. Many struggle with it life long and they choose to live a miserable life. Instead, when you find your passion and are in love with it, it will lead you right into your purpose of life.  Live Happy…