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Awakening of your Consciousness

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People are awakening, and the energy levels are vibrating at higher frequencies. Old patterns of our self are slowly shifting, and new ways of embracing the lives are apparent to oneself. I did not notice this shift in consciousness till 2010. It is not that one has not awakened, but when the time is right, the seed which has been planted in ourselves will start to blossom slowly. This understanding of the consciousness only becomes apparent when one is ready. You will feel oneness with nature, and the Universe will communicate with you every moment. This awareness is like a mass download from within. Everything that you see around you will start making sense when you tune yourself with the awareness of oneness. This means that slowly one will understand the concept of losing the “i,” which is ego into “we,” which is collective consciousness, and eventually into “He,” who is the ultimate Source.

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This spiritual awakening is the call to the humanity to evolve into higher consciousness. When we raise the vibrations of the world collectively, we are healing the planet and ourselves. Many light workers are collectively praying for the welfare of our planet. Something within us will resonate with deep yearning to go within and seek answers of this transitory world.

Universe will answer in ways which are beyond your comprehension. Then the reality of consciousness will hit you hard to make you realize that you are the spark of the divinity. How does one realize and tune within? It happens when difficulties in life hit us massively. When one is enjoying the transitory world, one is living in the 3rd dimension. Currently, our planet is vibrating between 3rd and 5th dimension. That is the reason you see people who are going towards worldly pleasures and some connecting within. It is the

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choice of the individual that how he/she likes to approach. This is the time to focus on our path and manifest what we are born to do. One must understand that we are Spiritual beings having a human experience not vice versa. Nothing is separate from us. Every answer we seek is within our reach.

Remember, all worries are because of our thoughts. We block the natural flow of the divine energy and respond with our heads. When we tune into our hearts, we are allowing the divine to speak through us. Dear Illumined Blog readers, this

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blogging was started to connect intuitively and express my thoughts with like-minded people.  When I write, I feel calm and share the whispers of the self in that calmness.  Our planet is weeping due to the massive damage we, knowingly or unknowingly, have done to it. This is our call to heal ourselves and vibrate at higher frequencies. If you are reading this blog, somehow you resonate with what I have written. Believe in yourself and awaken your inner power to heal and manifest your soul’s yearning.

Love & Light…


7 thoughts on “Awakening of your Consciousness

    1. Hi, light workers are those souls that carry this planets consciousness. They also know within them that there is a call. The call to bring awareness of collective consciousness. They came to this planet for that purposse only. This is just my thought and awareness of lightworkers. I hope I answered your question. 😊

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      1. I think the soul’s urge and wanting to serve for the welfare of all humanity. That I assume will come from within. You asked a great question and I my self am learning along the way. This topic is a great passion for me. I am learning along the way. Thank you fo asking.

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