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Inspirational Quote 8


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This is a perfect quote to dwell on because often when one door of happiness closes, we tend to think of the past and worry over it. We do not realize that God has closed the door for a purpose and he is providing new opportunities. The best way to approach sadness is by affirming that all is happening for our own good. Things that we desire might not be of the best, but what the Lord wants to give may be for our own good. Trusting and welcoming new opportunities in life will lead us to prosperous life.

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8 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote 8

  1. Very true. As a human we have to accept the change and utilize our know how techniques to face the challenge. Nature has wonderful resources we should love and enjoy it.

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  2. Wonderfully stated. I’m so thankful that HE holds the keys. There are many doors I’m glad never opened, and I know HE was responsible for keeping them closed. Those I forced almost slammed shut on my fingers, but I did get through. I know now that forcing a door open is not my best plan of action. Something else I’m blessed to have learned, and lived to tell about it. He forgives. He listens. He does not judge. He loves us anyway. Realizing this, I have learned to trust, and appreciate the arms which hold me. Powerful quote and reminder!


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