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Body, Mind & Soul

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 On the path of ascension, one’s body, mind and soul has to be in balance. What this means is, what we put in to our bodies matter a lot. This body is a vehicle and tool to serve the planet. God has gifted this vehicle so that, we can serve for the highest good. Those on the path of holistic approach to eating right, know better on what is good and bad. However, the most important thing is to go back to the way our ancestors ate, which was fresh fruits, herbs, vegetables and nothing processed.

If you really want to serve God, you have to take care of your vehicle, which is the body

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. This is the reason, in Sanskrit it is written that, “Deho Devalaya Prokto Jeevo Deva Sanathana” which means, body is temple and soul is the deity inside it. Therefore, both body and soul has to be nourished with right vitamins and minerals.

When our bodies feel great our mind tends to work better and our soul will be rejuvenated. There is no need to go to a spa to feel better. Every day if we take care of the needs of our body with right balance of food, we can look and feel great. Now days, there is commercial aspect to food and exercise regime. If you look closely, when we understand the concept as to why things were done the way it was, everything will start to make sense. I was fascinated with Yoga

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therefore, I wanted to understand the concepts behind each asanas (poses). I am ever grateful to the Almighty, for allowing me to understand the reasons for each asanas (poses) that a yogic person does.  All the asanas (poses) are done to balance your core muscles along with taking out toxins, from each organs in the body. This way, one cleanses the body inwardly as well as feels great. If you were to look at saintly sages in Himalayas, most of them do these yogic practices with asanas (poses) to cleanse the inner toxins.  For this, one needs to eat Satwick (pure) food.

Food has energy and vibration. This was the reason most people offer food to God before eating. When they offer it to God, the food will be purified. Apart from vibration, the way we prepare food also matters. It should be done with purity of thought. This is the reason when one goes to any ashrams, they feel good and get more energy. The reason for this is, the thoughts are in satwick (pure) manner when the food is prepared.

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Overall, everything should be in moderation if we overload, there is a possibility of crash in the form of disease within our body. One should have a sound body, mind and soul and moderation of sarwick (pure) food is essential. Live your life with awareness of your body and soul.


                                                                                                              Yours Truly….

                                                                                                               Pavithrah . T


5 thoughts on “Body, Mind & Soul

  1. i love this post thank u for sharing. i use to do yoga and like to pick up again. the name of it ? swavropa or something. it was gentle and wonderful. blessings oh i got you site of roberta pimentel 🙂


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